Thursday, 4 October 2007

BCS Recruitment Campaign

My nephew tells me I have been too lazy and not updating the blog. Young people these days are so full of energy. I've only just come back from a trip from the New Territories and lazing on the top floor of our 3 storey ding uk, so as they say in Eastenders "gimme a break!"

As you know the BCS have been running a recruitment campaign over the summer, that seems to be running into October and beyond (they tell me it's global warming, but it's still far too cold over here in England). And I've been asked to provide some background to the campaign.

Obviously the BCS want to recruit more volunteers to help them maintain a full social calendar throughout the year, but there's slightly more to it than that, and to fully understand, you need to know the history of the BCS and why it was set up.

To cut a long story short (another expression I learnt from "telly", do I sound like a real Eastender now?), the BCS was formed way back in 2001 by people who wanted to set up a formal yet non-commercial society with an elected committee, pooled funds, and rules and constitution for the benefit people of Chinese descent living in Britain. As far as we know there is no other formal society of its kind and run in this manner for our particular community. With a proper set-up in place from the very start the intention is that the society will continue to run and prosper even after the original fouding members move on with their lives and get busier and busier with career and family life.

This recruitment campaign is self-recognition that the time has come to start looking for the next generation of people who could possibly be helping to run the society in the future, so if you are interested in getting involved, getting to know more people, and learning a few more life skills such as project management and organisation, networking, social skills, and how to order a great meal in Chinatown, get in touch with my nephews and nieces that run the BCS. Their email is

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