Saturday, 10 November 2007


I've just been dragged out of my bed by my nephews running the BCS and told to post up a few "Frequently Asked Questions" on my blog because people have been asking loads of questions and they need an FAQ section so they can spend less time handling queries and spend more time making this the best event since Sun Yat Sen proclaimed the Republic of China (and that WAS a party, believe me).

Where was I? Oh yes, FAQs......

Q. Why is the ticket deadline so early?

A. Oh come on, these people are spending loads and loads of their free time in order to organise a great event for the benefit of the British Chinese community and to raise lots of money for Chinese related charities. Forsaking a bit of bank interest for a few weeks is nothing really considering what hard work these people are putting in for no financial reward.....

Q. I really want to attend but I'm not sure if I need to work or be sent overseas on 15th Dec

A. Some of you Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers and IT professionals (did I miss any professions? Thought not.....) have busy lives and cannot always commit to dates. We appreciate that (I used to work in a Chinese pharmacy in Fanling and it was even more stressful!!!). You can still buy and pay for tickets now, but when you book ask if it is OK to cancel and get a 100% refund as long as you give us a reasonable refund deadline that we are able to agree upon.

Q. Is there parking near the venue?

A. Is the Pope catholic? (Yes he is, and yes there are single yellows nearby, or failing that London is full of Car Parks where you can pay for the pleasure)

Q. What if I miss the ticket deadline but I still really want to attend?

A. Tough one that. You can still write a begging email to but we make no promises. It depends on how much hassle it creates for us to squeeze you in, and if it's too much hassle (remember nobody is making an money from spending our free-time organising this) then so sorry mate..........

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