Monday, 12 November 2007

Xmas Ball

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The Dude said...

Dear Uncle Wong

My name is John Christopher and I'm in need of your help. I run a company called Events-Horizon ( and I've been desperately trying to get in contact with the Event Organiser of this years "Angels and Demons" Xmas Ball. My company specialises in providing event organiser with bespoke on-site events photography, free of charge. We make our money by charging punters for each photograph we print out. Anyway we have done everything apart from using smoke signals in an attempt to make contact with the Event Organisers and all to no avail. You, Uncle Wong are our last hope. Our telephone number is 0208 376 3688 and our e-mail is Earlier this year we provided the events photography service for members of the Covent Garden Lions Club of Great Britain. We would like to do the same again at the Xmas Ball. Anyway thats enough of my pre christmas rant. Happy Christmas. Regards John